Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick update

I've been so busy I have been slacking on writing on our blog. I hope to change that. Just a quick recap of all our adventures.

The girls had a great year in school last year and did outstanding! We are so proud of them and their accomplishments. We bought a new house and moved at the end of January. We love our house and are still enjoying making it our own. We miss our old neighborhood, but still happy with our decision! As a result of the move the girls ended up in a different school zone. We kept them where they were through the year but this summer we enrolled them in a new school. Just before school was to start we got calls that they had made it into the local magnet school that is lottery based. We were excited for this move and they seem to be doing well. We do miss all of their old friends and teachers but we try and keep in touch with them.
Both girls were on the competition team last year and did great! The passion they have for dance right now is amazing to me. I guess I was that way with horses when I was their age. I can only hope they keep having fun! We actually went to Ohio this summer for our National Competition. Doug had to work, but the girls and I made this our summer vacation with stops on the way up for some fun.

In addition to all this fun, we made a few trips to the beach and Disney. We also said goodbye to some dear friends who moved to California. Riley and Kamryn have been planning a trip out to CA ever since our friends moved.! They cannot wait until this summer when they hope we can make it out to see them!
Kamryn and Riley with Ashley and Sariah

Easter Egg Hunt with all the Kilgore girls


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